The HummerCam

I built this home-made in car camera from junk I had laying around,
combined with about $50 worth of stuff from Home Depot and Fry's Electronics.

A view of the HummerCam ready to go.
The cord at the bottom left goes to a cigarette lighter.
You can see the filter-covered intake on the side, and the exhaust on the top.

A view of the guts.

  1. 400 watt power inverter (800 watts peak)
  2. Cheapo Walgreens fan
  3. Video camera power supply
  4. Laptop power supply
  5. PCMCIA Firewire and USB 2.0 card
  6. External USB hard drive (250 gb)
  7. Old, slow Dell laptop
  8. Air intake port with filter
  9. Old Sony video camera. The tape is broken. But I don't need it.

Screen capture of the application running.

I wrote the app in VB.Net. My favorite part is the little Hummer icon in the top left.