2003 BAJA 1000

Some pics from contingency.

Team Hummer.

Hiedra's booth.

Cool kick stand.

Nice ride.

Those lights are about $750 each. Do they really need 12?

The race vehicles blend right in with traffic during this week.

This guy was going like 30mph right here.

The guy on top was just some guy from the crowd.

More rides for people from the crowd.

This is safe.

This is the spot we chose to watch the race. Two roads (the racers can use either) came back together right here. We were in the middle.

The trophy trucks are coming.

Coming in from the left. You can see our camp. Might be a little too close.

Coming in from the right.


Right. You get the idea.

One from each side this time. That was a good one.

There we are.

A class 1 buggy.

The stock full class is where the hummers are.

Look Carla. Chickens!


This is the San Felipe marina.

Near San Felipe to watch the vehicles coming back around that night.

There was a good jump right here. I couldn't quite time the digital camera right. Kept jumping the gun.