2004 BAJA 1000

By now, I was getting more serious about racing a Hummer in the race. So I mostly took pictures of Hummers.

This is Team Hummer. They're sponsored by Hummer. They're in the stock full class. Same class we'll be in. We'll be "competing" against them.

Another Hummer.

H2s are in the stock full class as well. This is Team Hummer's H2. They'll blow our doors off too.

Another vehicle in the stock full class.

Griffin's hummer. He races all the races.

He's got a great setup. I've taken a few pictures of his ride.

I like this rack.

It goes up and over the roof, but doesn't actually touch it.

Holds lots of stuff.

This was the spot we picked to watch the race this year.

2 seconds after this picture was taken, this guy was run over by a trophy truck doing 140 mph. Not really. I don't know why I took a picture of this guy.

Oh. I get it. This picture, combined with the previous two, gives you the complete view we had. Cool.

Here they come.

Ha. This guy didn't want to get his truck muddy.

A truck with his chase vehicle up there behind him in the sky.

They kept going around it.

I don't know how you're supposed to see the turn coming. Or the people standing there.

Again around the mud. What a bunch of wimps. I would hit that thing dead center.

Finally. This guy got HUGE cheers from the crowd for having some cajones.


'nother Hummer.

These guys were driving the wrong way in a Suzuki Samarai.

Nice picture.

Little better. Maybe I should get out from behind this bush if I'm going to take pictures.