2005 BAJA 1000

On our way down.

We made it. We're racing! We arrived the night before contingency, and were immediately directed to park in the middle of some sort of Baja 1000 block party.

Robert was signing autographs all night. He was literally sitting at a table up on a stage, with a line of hundreds of people waiting for his autograph.

The lady with the korn cart became our buddy.

People kept wanting a picture with our Hummer. But with our camera. They were asking us to take their picture. I guess they wanted us to have a picture of them. Cool with us.

She wanted two pictures.

Even the cops. Actually, we wanted this picture. We had to convince her to stand there. We figured it might get us out of trouble later. Sort of a get out of jail free card.

Oooh. Will you take our picture? Hee hee.

Wait, wait. Do it again. My eyes were closed. Hee hee.

Must have been interesting at the time. But I have no idea now.

Roberto and Thor.

Now they want my autograph too.

Some sort of contest involving booties and shaking.

This is the line for contingency. You can sort of see the cars.

You just have to drive REAL slow so they have time to move their feet.

Booty shaking contestants.

Shake it!

Hey. Get out of my shot.

This guy was behind us all day. Just like race day. Yeah right.

Phillip is the one taking pictures of 16 year old girls. Not me.

Phillip. Mexican Style.

We stopped as we came around a turn to fix something with the truck. (Probably the spare tires. They came loose like FORTY times!) Anyway, we were stopping. And we found this. I'm not sure what we stumbled upon there.

The few attempts I made to take pictures during the race didn't amount to much.

It was kinda bumpy right here.

After the race.

This sucker was THRASHED.

But still running fine.

Might be sitting a little lower after snapping both front coil springs. (That's what ended our race.)

Griffin outside the Santa Isabel hotel.

The starting line.

Another shot of it.

One of the trucks in our class. He started behind us. I think it took him about 45 seconds to pass us.

Some more trucks in our class.

Jesse James of Monster Garage raced this year in the Baja 1000.

He made it 222 miles.

We made it 220. But we drove our truck home to AZ. We would have limped another 3 in the race if we knew how far he made it.

Some amazing pics of a trophy truck.

These people are insane.

What is this? A Chevelle or something?

A bunch more miscelaneous pics from the 1000 that year.



Contingency day.

Contingency day.

Contingency day.

Contingency day.

Contingency day.

Driver meeting.

Jesse James somewhere.

The finish line would have looked like this if we made it there.

Griffin at Ojos.

I'm so jealous of this picture.

Us just after the starting line. If you look close, you can see me pointing. I'm pointing to Phillip over on the sideline. At that very second I was winning a $50 bet with him.

Us a Ojos. We're almost catching as much air as Griffin.

A map of the race.