2006 BAJA 250

About half way into the race. The best picture we took.

This is the house we rented in San Felipe, and Phillip's truck (our chase vehicle). San Felipe is a really sandy place. Driveway: sand. Front yard: sand. Back yard: sand. Roads: sand. Practically the whole city: sand.

The inside was mostly sand free. There's Sonya, one of our co-drivers.

Running the truck through contingency. This is Jay (one of our chase crew members).

Well, he was a chase crew member for about half the race. For the second half, he was more of a drunk guy that the other chase crew member (Warren) had to carry around. Anyway, more Jay.

More Jay.

More Jay. Well, it was his camera after all.

Jay with Sonya.

I don't know if he was taking a picture of the helicopter, or of Yolanda's Massage joint.

Our vehicles the morning of the race. Race and chase.

At the first pit. Warren never wears shoes.

The same picture as the one up top. But the digital print. Don't get digital prints at Wallgreens. They chop off the left side.

On our way.

This is what our pit crew did while we were racing from pit 1 to pit 2. Warren.

And Jay.

Pit 2.

Stupid lights are broken.

Only two of the top ones work.

Warren fixed them. With a punch to the dashboard.

Pit 3. At this point, we are about an hour past the 10 hour time limit. With about 50 miles to go.

But still going.

The last picture from Jay's camera. It's of him putting his company's sticker on the car. After we got home. After the race. Better late than never.

This was a pic from my camera. Contingency day.

These are the only two pictures I took the entire day. I tend to get sidetracked.

Phillip driving in the race. You can see Sonya there behind him.

There's me, and Simona behind me.

I broke the windshield on a tree. Stupid tree.

This is what the finish line looked like when we got there.

And this is us - CROSSING THE FINISH LINE. Late yeah. But we made it. That's an improvement.

Truck's dirty. But still going. Drove it all the way home from the race again.

The antenna stripper is still there too.

The map of the race.