2006 BAJA 500

Tecate girls!

Waiting in line to register.

There's Sal Fish. The godfather of the Baja. The heart and soul of SCORE.

This was much less fun than it looks.

More tecate girls.

A view from our hotel for the line for contigency.

And there's us at the END of that line.

I'm discussing some very important issue I'm sure.

Motorcycle guys. I guess Sonya thought they were hot. (She took most of these pics)

Nice leopard skin seat.

Lot of people. What can be seen here is maybe 1/40th of the line for contingency.

Warren, Simona, and PD.

And me.

I'm a movie star. Or maybe a rock star. They want my autograph.

A decal for our number one sponsor can be seen below Phillip.

He spends most of contingency day right in that spot.

Some of the line.


Simona made us these shirts.

This finger thing is cool.

But not as cool as this one.

We put that on there because we thought it looked cool.

We realized later that the skull and crossbones on the gps trail for the race indicates a hazard. That's us!

We're getting closer. Inside that giant fenced off area somewhere is contingency.

But it'll be a while before we get in there.

I can't wait til we get in there.

Hey Sonya. Simona made these shirts for the women.

This line moves slower than it looks. But it's still a very good day.

The Caliente girls.

With our truck.

Right turn into the contingency pen.

These people all started taking pictures of us.

Oh. maybe they were taking pictures of Simona.

Finger thing. YEAH!

Warren and Simona. In love.

What is considered street legal here is a little different.

Impromptu bar.

Last minute repairs.

I guess Sonya felt she had too many available pictures left in her camera.



I wonder where I am. I wasn't taking the pictures.

What's Phillip up to?

Oh. He saw us. How is that possible?

Jeez. What is Warren up to?

He saw us too.

Phillip bet me $40 that he could juggle these. 3 actually. There's another on the ground. He wasn't able.

Later, Warren bet us that he would drink this previously full Tobasco sauce. He did.


More important discussions.

At this point, I think we had about 5 minutes before our start time.



In Ensenada. The very beginning of the race. We jumped it this time!

There we go.

Edro, hot on our tail.


Class 11.

And a new class. The Yamaha Rhinos.

We were later passed by one of these.

It was very unpleasant.


This guy is one of the winningest racers in SCORE ever. Eric Solorzano. Class 11.

Our chase crew. Lounging. Waiting for our slow asses.

Here we come.

Sonya was learning how to use her action multi shot thing.

Robby Gordon screaming by somewhere.

This is a cool picture.

Shortly before we were broken and finished.

The next morning.

There she is. Still running. Ready to take us all the way back to Arizona. Broken or not.

Our hotel looks pretty sweet in this picture.

And this is about as good as Ensenada has ever looked. Sonya is figuring out her new camera.

Simona and Sonya thought this was about the funniest thing in the world. There were actually about 30 (no exaggeration) pics of this from every angle.

On our way home.

Back in TJ.