A hummer we saw on Ebay. Very cool.

This was our hummer after I took some parts off to clean it. Actually, this is just a pic of some hummer off the internet. Cool though.

The temptation to do this is quite overwhelming.

A custom front suspension set up for racing.

Another angle on it.

And the rear.

This is some deep fording.

No wait. This is deep.

No. This.

A pretty cool prerunner/baja style front bar.

Another angle.

A rock crawler somebody built from a Hummer drive train.

Man. This thing looks mean.

Jim Lynch's hummer. Of Lynch Hummer. He's got that thing set up pretty sweet.

Another look at it.

And here he is daring some buffalo to ram him.

A nice military conversion.

Maybe the coolest looking hummer ever.

I like this one. That square rack on the back looks cool.

Looks like a pretty steep hill.

Didn't even crack the window.