Mike on his boat, with one of our first catches on the way down to Mexico. A barracuda. It tasted GOOD.

And another catch from that day. A yellowtail. It also tasted good. Notice the BBQ in the background.

Cabezas Oros. In Ensenada, B.C. Mexico.


And this one. Mmmm.


This was somewhere near the infamous BlowHole. (La Bufadora).


After. Well, during, actually.

Ensenada as seen on the way back from whale watching.

These are all over the place. No idea why.

A close-up. (Translation: Jesus loves you.) Thanks Gary.

These are also all over the place. No way you would catch me in one of these. Despite the "roll cage".

Mexico has STYLE.

Ensenada from up on the hill.

A refreshing dose of political incorrectness.

This is the "marina" that provided Mike and I with our mooring bouy during our stay in Ensenada. Notice the "rope and board" security system.

Dolphins off the bow on a daily outing.

Another shot.

Whales a little farther off the bow.

Another shot.

And even the tail trick.

The island off the coast of Ensenada. Where we would go whale watching.

A closer look. There is some sort of statue or something on there. Maybe it's Gary Coleman.

This is our boat. Actually, this was a boat near us for a couple days. They had little matching uniforms. And a guy with a captain hat would drive the owner to shore in the dingy. It was funny.

Whales again. Got a little closer to the boat on this day.

This one went right under us. VERY unnerving, considering that they are longer than our boat, and probably weigh more.

Another shot.

A baby sticking his face up out of the water. There were two adults and a baby swimming together.

This is a pic of one of the adults swimming with the baby. They were doing this twisting over under spiral swimming thing.

Swimming with one hand.


The beginnings of a sunset.

My digital camera lets me take pictures straight into the sun.

Ensenada from farther away.

Sunset getting better.

This tree...

...is growing out of CONCRETE!! It's a fig tree. A living fig tree. It produces figs.

Alllllll right.

This was from Carnaval.

One of the only sunrises (maybe the only sunrise) I've seen in my life.

I'm not usually up this early.

Well, actually, I sort of wasn't up this early.

I was up this late.

I was just going to bed, and I came outside to... well.. you don't want to waste water using the toilet if you don't have to. Anyway, and I caught this sunrise on camera.

More carnaval. How come we don't party like this in the U.S.?

I've never, not once, seen a group of partying vikings in the U.S.

A giant Jesus looking at the mountain.

More Carnaval pictures.

You can't tell from the picture, but this was LOUD!

It means the same thing in english and spanish.

The cops are pretty tolerant in Ensenada.

This was a parade.

And this too.

Bet you never saw a life size paper mache whale before.

King Kong size James Brown?