Our Hummer. As seen on Ebay. We had to go to Detroit to get it. As of that day, it had never been off road.

Our first upgrade. An extended snorkle, a la Home Depot.

Before Fabrication started. It was a little scary to see the Hummer being gutted. But the only thing cooler than owning a Hummer, is owning a Hummer, and drilling holes in it, and welding stuff to it.

A shot of the truck pretty much ready for the Baja 1000. I know. Where are the pictures between the previous one and this one, right? I forgot to take any.

The custom fab baja style front bumper. We don't actually expect to need to 'nerf' anybody. To do that, we would have to be faster than someone. Not much chance of that.

If you look close, you can see the USMC sticker. My co-racer is an ex jarhead. The sweet little saying is one of theirs. In case you can't read it, it says "You can run, but you'll only die tired."

A view of the rear, with the custom fuel cell and spare tires. You can see the radio antenna and gps module as well.

We though this captured our attitude for the race.

We made this because we're wanna-be pirates. We later learned that the skull and crossbones are used in the race gps maps to indicate a hazard. So from the air, we're a great big moving danger marker. Probably appropriate.

A closer shot of the gear in the bed.

The custom fabbed cage. Already with some modifications. It's a work in progress.

Crow Enterprizes 5 point harnesses for all 4 seats.

The Icom race radio and Lowrance Baja Globalmap GPS unit. You can also see the switches for the Hella lights.

Showing our respect to our home country and our favorite country away from home. And showing some disrespect for pinche Mike.

The modifications to the roll cage continue.

Putting some new shocks in. You can also see the new powdercoating on the roll cage which is finally complete. New powder coating on the rear bumper and Baja bar as well. Can't see the dents in that rear Baja bar. But they're there. We've been 'nerfed' a few times now. New spare tire rack too. MUCH better than trying to strap the tires down with ratchet straps alone. It holds a High-Lift jack also.

New powder coating on the winch and front Baja bar as well. We actually got to use that Baja bar once. Wham!! Get outta our way. Hey. He wouldn't move over. I honked for like 2 minutes (Felt like 20).